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Poem: Dreamworld

A Dream I saw,
a World I wished,
years ago I mean for it!
In a curious,
I walked towards,
 my glowing dream.
Abruptly, appeared a door,
I opened it!
Let me demonstrate to you,
a glimpse of my Dream
a world of magic,
a world of fairies,
Imagining a miracle which I never saw.
My feeling of fantasy
experienced lots of pleasure ,
no melancholy,
no fear of failure,
no negative people around me.
Neither corruption nor betrayal,
A world like this amazed me.
But, this made my world of dreams.
Where was I been?
but promptly my glimpse broke,
I returned,
where I should have to be.
My heart afire,
cuz, what I saw
 diverged from my dream.
My notion was never true.
I finally perceive it was my dream
my world of dreams!
A Dream I saw,
A World I wished,
will always be my World of Dreams.

-Priyanka Lashkari

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Poem: it's hard to Elucidate

It's Hard to Elucidate(Explain)

Sometimes you make mistakes,
Sometimes you aren't even lucky to escape,
Sometimes it can't even become a mystery
Which could be hidden,
Sometimes people start giving you negative opinions,
Sometimes you can even be addressed as a bad Person,
Sometimes the victim isn't that strong to demonstrate,

But you Know,
Sometimes it's actually opposite to what it seems,
Sometimes the negative opinion of people may spread as Rumours,
Sometimes you aren't even wrong,
Sometimes It's hard to explain the world
That even brightest smile could beg a lot,
And even the most elegant eyes could cry a lot.

But not,
every time
You will open up your old book to explain the worst chapters of your life,
As it's hard to understand and much harder to explain!
Cuz Everything is opposite to what it appears,
Not everyone had lived your life,
And at last, as the rules are,
People will force you to cry in Silent.

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